Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 9: Failure? Not Possible!

Most start up business fail before 5 years. My dear friend Sage told me once that when you run out of money you have to get a job. I laugh at that because he is one of the hardest working people I have ever met. He is speaking all over the country on SEO principles. He runs his own business, Sage Rock, and he does a daily Video Blog. His business is a major part of his life.

I tend to work hard. I love working! I guess that was instilled in me as a child learning to walk after having polio. I would wear those long metal leg braces and would fall at the drop of a hat. That hat might be someone touching me, or a pebble, or a loss of balance. But I remember my mother, my chief advocate, would always say, “One down, two to go!”

Failure? Not possible! That has to be the mindset of every entrepreneur that wants so badly to make a difference. When I feel like quitting I have to STOP!

S – Step back and look at what you are doing. Get out the pad and start writing ideas and it will come to you in time.

T – Trust yourself and your God. You are not alone. You may have to turn over another rock or two to find something that works but you will make it work.

O – Get the Opinions of people you trust. Not negative people but people that have worked where you are now and have gone on to success. The opinion of a mentor, the opinion of your business counselor. Make a list of people you can go to. Take them to lunch and have them help you brainstorm.

P – Press on!  When I would fall my mom would pick me up and not coddle me. She would go on with what she was doing. That taught me early in life that, Yes I will fall but stand up and go on.

As this year moves on toward the goal of “735” I know I will make it. Will I fall down? Yes! Business has it up and downs but unless you quit trying and lay down on the ground. Success is just around a corner.  

One down, two to go!

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