Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 10: It is Freezing in Ohio

Winter in Ohio means snow, cold, snow drifts, shoveling along with the warm fires, skiing, snow mobiles and much more.

To honor winter we are offering our snow and beach fence for a limited time for only $40.50 a roll. We know that many people have open areas where drifting snow can make for morning headaches. If they could slow the drifting it would make things a lot smoother in the morning. Cities use snow fence, corporations and  so do many home owners.

Our snow fence is 4 foot high and comes in rolls of 50 foot. You can buy as small an amount as one roll, a pallet (9 per pallet) or even a truck which would be 366 rolls. 

A common rule of thumb is that snow fence should follow the rule of 35. That is to say that you multiply the height of the fence x 35 and that is how far away you should place your fence barrier. 
Since our fence is 4' high you would use this formula 4x35=140 meaning that you would place your snow fence 140' away from your access road or driveway. 

You can use metal "T" post to install their fence which makes it easy to install. There are special ties we carry that would allow you to tie up your fence to the posts.

When the sun comes out in spring and the warmth starts to touch your face just roll up the snow fence and put it away until the next snow comes your direction. 

So take advantage of this limited time offer by calling me soon at 888.856.0551 for a FREE quote. 

Jon, “Your Fence Man on Wheels”
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