Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 5: Help my Unbelief

Snow is everywhere in Ohio. We may not see green grass for four months only layers of white snow everywhere. I am in the fencing business and if I rested my business on Ohio consumers we would never sell any fence this time of the year. That is why my business focus is the world. If we are going to reach the “735 goal” we have to reach outside of our immediate area and sell fence to people in need everywhere.

We have great products and our mission is to assist people with their fencing needs no matter where they live. If they need a privacy vinyl fence in Florida we are here to assist. If they need an aluminum fence around a pool we have just the ticket. If they have a dog and they need to fence in their back yard… No problemo, we have just the ticket. If someone is frustrated because they have to get out in the rain to open a slide gate we have the gate operator for them so they can push a button in their cars and like magic the gate opens.

When a man brought his only son to Jesus who was suffering from demon possession Jesus told him if he had faith his son would be healed. He replied as many people today do. Yes I have faith, help me to have faith. I love that as a business man because I know that the goal I am working on is doable. It has to be. However, there are times when I feel it is so far away that I will never get there. I have faith… Help my unbelief.

When in doubt… Act as if it were a done deal!

Jon, “Your Fence Man on Wheels”

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