Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 15: Knowing is the Key…. Pad

Which keypad is right for your driveway gate or access door? Let’s look at 4 units to begin our series on entry controls.

Before you purchase a keypad you need to plan and decide which one will be the right one for your application.

Here are some beginning questions:

  1. What are you using the keypad for? Is it for a gate or a door? Is it for residential or commercial use?
  2. How many pre-approved access users do you want to be able to use the keypad?  
  3. Do you need to communicate to the people at the gate or door to decide if you want them to be allowed to enter?
  4. What kind of power is supplied at the gate? (None, Residential voltage or commercial voltage or solar)
  5. Where are you going to mount the key pad?
  6. How deep is your driving lane?
  7. Does the key pad have to be lite for night use or is the area lite by a street light?
  8. Do you need to keep a record of who is coming and going?
  9. Does the equipment need to be vandal resistant.

With your answers in hand finding the right keypad for your use will be a snap.  One of the simplest key pads is the American Access System’s Advantage DKE Economy Keypad. This is one of the most inexpensive keypad on the market and yet it has a number of great features.

  • Runs on 12-24 VAC or VDC,
  • It has a night light,
  • It has enough capacity for 100 - 4 digit codes (which is more people than I know on face book).
  • It has a programmable master code and a non-volatile (EEPROM) Electronically Erasable PROgrammable Memory, which means if it looses its power the codes will not be lost.
  • Made in the USA
  • This unit will not allow for communication to the house or building however.

The next keypad we are looking at is the American Access Systems Advantage DK. It is perfect the businesses that have lots of people coming and going because of its 1000 - 4 digit capacity. This unit can also be ordered with an intercom so that you can speak to a person at a desk or door. One push from button on the intercom and the gate will release and allow the party access. 

Here are some other features available with the Advantage DK:
  • Programmable sleep code so you can set it not to activate at contains times of the day or night.
  • 3 strikes and you’re out which stops unwanted people from standing at your gate or door and play with combinations. If they do it more than 3 times they will not be allowed to enter.
  • Audible tone for programming
  • Optional clandestine pinhole camera is available.
  • Post mount option or night flush mount.
  • Vandal resistant
  • LED indicators for programming and status
  • This unit also includes the EEPROM.
  • Made in the USA

The third family of keypads is the DKLP family. These keypads are perfect for solar power. These Keypads are certainly GREEN because they use under 20uA power consumption.  If you live on a farm or far way from a power supply this unit may be just the option you are looking for. It comes with flush mount single gang, post mount or intercom availability. You do have to run a wire for the intercom to work however.

Features of the Advantage DKLP
  • Solar friendly
  • 50 – 4 digit code capacity
  • Programmable master code
  • Audible tone
  • Non volatile memory EEPROM
  • Vandal resistant
  • Made in the USA

Let’s say that you need a wireless keypad. Kevin Downing of American Access System states with the use of a receiver and transmitter which is a part of the Advantage DKW.

The Advantage DKW is the perfect solution where trenching is not an option. It has a range of 50” to the Keypad receiver. It also can be solar powered however it does use a 9 volt snap battery.

Features of the Advantage DKW
  • Solar Friendly
  • 100 – 4 digit code capacity
  • Programmable master code
  • Audible tone
  • Vandal resistant
  • EEPROM non volatile memory
  • No digging or trenching necessary
This is just a brief look at the standard keypads that are available on the market. Our next blog will look at an  entry systems that keeps track of who is coming and going.

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Jon, "Your Fence Man on Wheels"

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