Sunday, November 15, 2009

Boca Has a Code?

In the land of fencing whenever building a swimming pool fence is more involved then just picking out a fence you like. Let’s look at a couple of areas that a DYI swimming pool fence project should include.

Most communities require certain things that they request to make sure the swimming pool fence meets their requirements. Insurance companies also ask that a fence be installed around a pool as protection against law suites. It is always advisable to contact the Building Department of the community you live in to make sure your fence meet their requirements.

Most communities follow the “Boca Swimming Pool Code” when laying out their requirements.

Let’s look at the major item of the code to simplify what they are after:
  • You need to have less than 4” of space between the pickets or uprights. The idea behind this is that a small child head is larger than 4 inches and therefore they would not get their head trapped.
  • You need to have 45” between the bottom horizontal rail and the next rail up. (See Image)
  • You need to have self closing hinges. Make sure you ask your fence supplier to prove to you in writing that your fence has self closing hinges.
  • You need a self locking child proof latch. There is truly no such thing a “child proof” any mother or father can tell you that. However a Magna Latch can meet this qualification. (See Image)
  • When ordering a pool fence on line ask the supplier to send you a drawing of a pool fence to show you the gap is less than 4” and that there is a 45” space between the top and bottom rail.

With all that in mind REMEMBER, to call your community building department. I have seen some communities that only require a 4’ high fence and some that want a 5’ high fence. I have heard of come communities that will only allow a 2” gap between pickets. This is far between however it has happened.

Remember Boca does have a code and if you are putting up a swimming pool fence on your own call us we will help you with all your requirements.

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