Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ohhhhh CRAP!

The paramedics down the street know my house very well. They have been here more than once to either pick me up off the floor when I do a nose dive out of my chair or some other extra curricular activity I get myself into.

The last time they had a bet between them as to which room they would find me. One of them said the bathroom and because he lost he had to buy ice cream for the rest of the squad. Our friend Kym was over the last time they stopped for a “visit”. She said… “Wow! Make sure you do a header the next time I am here. They were cute!”

My son says, “I wish I had a video camera hooked up to you when you do your stunts. (Don’t do those stunts at home they are to be done by professionals.) “He is sure we could win Funniest Home Videos if caught on Camera.”

Now, someone has come out with a shirt, sweatshirt and bag that sums up how I feel as I am flying through the air. You know the moments when your life passes before your eyes before you meet an unmovable object.

If it were only in my size

Click the link to order your own shirt

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