Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why Didn't he Think Ahead?


Two neighbor entering their driveways one cold and stormy winter night. One puts the car in park with the children in the back seat, gets out of the car and runs through the pouring rain to the gate. After about a minute she is able to get the gates unlocked and pushes them open, first one and then the other. Slopping through the water and ice, she fumbles with the door and hurriedly gets in dripping wet and freezing. She reaches into her purse to get a tissue saying a few words under her breath,"Why didn't he pick up the kids. It was his turn." She pulls into the garage and putting the car and park sits there in a watery mess.

“Wait until he comes home.” Are the only words spoken that night.

She walks into the house, spending the next thirty minutes drying and changing clothes. As she finishes her hair and pulls the old sweat shirt over her head the door opens. Honey, “What’s for Dinner?”


The neighbor also drives into her driveway on a cold stormy winter night. She smiles at her children in the back seat as she pushes the transmitter to open her new Apollo 3600ETL swing gate operator. The gates swing open as one would open their arms to receive a friend.

She pulls into the garage and smiles thinking how lucky she is to have the security and safety of a front entrance gate.

As she slowly works in the kitchen putting the final touches on the roast and potatoes she hears the front door open. She smiles as she hears the familiar words, Honey, “What’s for Dinner?”

“Thank you, Darling.” She utters as she wraps her arms around her husband's neck.

You’re welcome…


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