Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where is Your Million?

After church on Sunday a friend was telling me his idea for a stimulus package that I could buy into in a heartbeat. His idea was to give all 3,000,000 Americans a million dollars. It would be cheaper than the stimulus package the government is using to bail out greed and there would be a lot of purchases made which in hand would stimulate the economy.

However if we all had a million dollars (I love the sound of that) who would work in the stores? Who would make the products I want to buy? Who would work behind the counter of Starbucks? Who would sell me a house in Florida? We would all be off spending our million dollars.

I wonder what impact that would have on the supply and demand of products. What would the cost of bread be? Humm! This is getting interesting? I would want to buy and new wheelchair sports car… I can do that because I have a million dollars, how much would that cost?

I guess I would have to leave the country and spend my million dollars in another country. Oooops? That defeats the US stimulus plan. Now I am spending my money in another country. But isn’t that what our government has been encouraging since NAFTA!

This is getting more difficult. If we all have a million we won’t find anyone to serve us, the cost of simple products will go up? If we spend our money in other country it hurts the restructuring of the American Economy. This is way over my head.

Maybe if we have to spend the billions of dollars we should give the money to Wall Street, and the Banks, and the US Auto Companies. The CEO’s of these companies certainly know how to use money effectively. RIGHT?

Next week after the sermon I should talk to my friend Donald about the message and leave the Stimulus Package to wiser men.

Our Politicians :)

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