Sunday, March 1, 2009

There is Always a Spring!

Yesterday was the Northern Ohio American Fence Association Trade show where contractors and manufacturers talk there stuff. It was great spending time with people you talk to on the phone all year and seeing what new products are available for the fencing industry.

I got great advice from a guy that called himself and ol’ peddler, “There is always a spring.”

It does come! Trees will bud, snow will melt and people will move out of the three story caves into the fresh air of hope for the future, the ability to make profits, to put a little money in the bank and most of all the ability to see your hard winter work start to pay off.

I also noticed something else; the creative spirit of the true entrepreneurs. There was a sense of creativity in the air as people talked to me about how carrying this product would produce profits beyond my wildest dreams. I even had a guy tell me that if I would sell his product on the Internet he wouldn’t venture into that aspect of the business. I got great idea that Monday I will start to move on. Never sit on an idea. Move forward!

At the end of the show was the grand price. A Flat Screen TV! I knew I was there to win it so that I could watch “Frasier” re-runs before going to sleep.

My ticket was 127396…

Call mine please!

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