Saturday, January 17, 2009

Let Me In!

Starbucks and I have a lot in common. They have mochas and I love to drink Grande Mochas… They have frappuccino and I drink frappuccino. I stop at my neighborhood Starbucks all the time. I have spent hundreds of dollars there this past year. I love the people I meet there and the atmosphere. Over the last year I have sat outside in the warmth of the sun drinking and talking to friends. I have sat inside working on business plans or meeting with contacts or interviewing part time employees. I have drawn up plans for marketing campaigns and laughed with my grandson.

But now while the winds blow and the snow is here I am stopped in my tracks. Not by mother nature, not by inability to get out in 8 degree weather but by the 6 feet of unshoveled snow.

Not until the snow melts can I look forward to sipping the fruit of the bean. No more will the chocolate flavor slip through my lips warming me in the middle of the morning commute. I have been set apart with a symbol that says, “No longer welcome!”

Yes it is the snow pile that covers the ramp onto the sidewalk. Yes, as the snow shovel sits by the door showing how they have shoveled the entry for the walkers but not the wheelers.

Is it intentional? I am sure the answer is no... However, am I inside drinking coffee? Again the answer is no.

So as I sit outside in my wheelchair I long for the spring or a person who will lift a shovel and clear a path to the doorway of paradise or at least to a no whip, extra hot, Grande mocha.

Jon Mullender
Summit Fence Supply, LLC

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  1. Well today. I met my neighbor at Starbucks and she went in and told the manager that she tried to move the ice pile. He said, "If I had know it would have been gone!" and in minutes it was gone!

    So as I sipped my Extra hot, Grande mocha I said, Thank you.