Thursday, December 11, 2008

Take Advantage when others are Taking Advantage of YOU!

The past year has been very interesting in regards to Chain Link pipe but great for other forms of Fencing. When the government raised import taxes of steel to help our steel industry get moving our steel companies said to themselves, "Let's jack the price up and up all summer long and make up for lost revenues from previous years." Oh what a huge mistake that made for the fencing industry. We saw steel prices go up 40% in some cases. Bad for us, bad for the consumer. Our consumers held back on getting their backyards done OR moved to another kind of fence.

Now you can get a beautiful wrought iron looking aluminum fence for almost the same price. No doubt aluminum looks nicer but also will not rust over the years. It comes in a lot of designs as you can see if you go to aluminum fence on our site. We at Summit Fence Supply, love to serve our customers and if I can offer a better fence for a lower price. By-golly I will.

Jon Mullender
Summit Fence Supply, LLC

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