Monday, December 22, 2008


We all want a little privacy now and then. Sometimes life makes us want to get away and slow down and just relax. I love to go on my deck and drink a cup of coffee and read or work in the flowers but I want to be alone. We all need privacy don't we?

At Summit Fence Supply, LLC we speak to customers that are looking for vinyl privacy fence. There are cheap privacy fence and there are high quality vinyl privacy fences. Since we sell on the Internet I only want to carry what I know will satisfy my customers fencing needs.

What do customers ask for when they call:

  • Do I carry wind resistant vinyl privacy fence?
  • Does it come in other colors than white?
  • How long are the sections?
  • Do they make vinyl privacy fence that looks like wood?
  • I live in the south and would like to have my privacy fence have a stucco finish is that possible?

Take a look at the video show below and see if this helps in your search for the perfect privacy fence for you.

Of course prices will vary depending on the style you are looking for so give us a call at 888.856.0551 or e-mail me at To see the whole sellection we carry go to

Jon Mullender
Summit Fence Supply, LLC

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  1. Great video! I had no idea there were so many different kinds of vinyl fence. Their beautiful.