Monday, June 9, 2008

Our Mission Statement

Every Company stands for something and have a vision for something.

Summit Fence Supply, LLC was started to be different a different kind of Fence company. In order to keep a history of who we are we needed a mission statement.

Now for the first time we are making our vision public.

Mission Statement
Summit Fences Supply, LLC listens to you, your needs and provides products and services that help our customers achieve success in their projects. We demonstrate this by our customer service, products and our pricing structure.

Customer service is what separates us from others companies. We seek to serve each customer as though they were our only. Each project is different, which makes it imperative to understand the needs in order to properly match the project to the product.

Summit Fence Supply, LLC only sells high quality material. Our products come from well established companies whose brand name is an industry leader with the best support and warranties our customers can rely on.

Our pricing is always fair. We provide sensible pricing and refuse push people into a sale based on our inventory. We will not allow performance to be cut just to meet a competitor’s price however we are determined to be in line with industry standards.

Summit Fence Supply, LLC truly views our customers as our friends and they can depend on us to deliver what we have promised.

Jonathan C. MullenderPresident of Summit Fence Supply, LLC

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