Thursday, December 11, 2008

Simtek Privacy Fence: What a great option

What some people will do to do something new. This is getting to be my favorite privacy fence. I love it and so do my customers that have purchased it.

Here is a comment from one: "Jon, The DVD you sent me on this product was a good selling point. I was impressed with the impact resistant tests. I have yet to try the baseball and golfball test, but my wife has tested the rock test. I have not finished landscaping around the fence and my wife was mowing and hit a rock, slinging it right at the fence. It was a golf ball size rock and hit the fence pretty hard. It didn't even scratch it. If I had vinyl, I would already be replacing a panel. I love it! It is a great product!!"

Here are some great facts about Simtek:

  • Authentic: Granite look walls and gates

  • Temperature: Stable in hot and cole weather withstands test at -40 to +140 degrees F.

  • Sound Barrier: Blocks 98% of direct sound compared to 75% for wook and concrete 100%

  • Impact: Superior impact strength, baseballs and golf balls and rocks bounce off.

  • Fade Resistant: UV stabilized for a lifetime of vibrant color.

  • Warranty: Maintenance free with a full lifetime warranty

If you need more information on this wonderful alternative to wood fence, vinyl privacy fence let me know and I will send you one of these DVD's and you will see for yourself why I am so impressed with this stone-like fencing.

As the "Fence man on Wheels" I want to offer you a winter discount of 5% until February 1st 2008. Just use this code to let me know you read this on the blog. 2157023 when you call.

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Summit Fence Supply, LLC
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