Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hold your breath the break through may happen

Some days just go right! I think they come so that the new business owner doesn't go completely loony. It could also be that God smiles down on people that trust Him because trusting in oneself is a joke.

I never want to look back and say, "I wish I hadn't started this. The grass was greener in Egypt." (That is a little story from Exodus in the Bible).

Well back to today. I had more than one order. Now that may seem small potatoes but it is huge to me. Orders mean income, income means bills get paid, bills getting paid mean credit stays high, high credit means when I need a loan I may be able to get one.

Thinking about the future is fun when you have a good day. What happens when I have 3 sales in one day or 10 or 50? I will have to hire people to take the orders, process the orders, and maintain the web site. My overhead will increase by 100% and I will get gray hair just because of the new pressure. I will have to move the business out of the current one room shanty and into some mega complex. I will have to hire a sales staff of 20 people just to keep the orders coming... Factory reps will be calling me for appointments hoping I will carry their product while offering me HUGE discounts just because is willing to carry their aluminum fence product.

Back to reality... I had two orders. It was a great day!

Jon Mullender
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