Thursday, November 1, 2007

Focus, Clarity OH CRAP!!!

No matter how much I read about goals and plans sometimes I catch myself drifting through the day. A quick look at at the word focus I came across a guy that broke his day down into hours. 45 minutes of work and 15 off to stretch, get a drink, set his timer and got back to work.

If it was good enough for him I figured I would give it a try. Not a bad idea! It did help me focus on the work I had to do. Then I heard about a guy that kept his sanity while trapped in the wilderness by blocking out his day and filling it with chores to be done the next day. Well, if it was good enough for him.... why not try it.

It doesn't matter what techniques I need to uses to make the most of my work day, the key is to have a plan and work the plan. Know what has to be done and do it.

If you have a technique that you use to stay focus your comment is most welcome.

Jon Mullender

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