Friday, October 26, 2007

Determining the Right Fence

Determining the right fence is not that hard if you have a process to follow. At Summit Fence Supply, LLC we want to help you work through the process from inception to installation. What are you using the fence for? Is it chain link for protection of your property? Is it aesthetics? Is it for protecting a pool? Answering these questions is the first step.

Next how many lineal feet do I need? you can walk it off to get an idea. Or if you have a roll take get an idea.

What will I have to budget? If you have an idea of how many feet call us and we will always give you a free quote. Then you can determine if you can afford Ornamental Aluminum fencing or would chain link be the best option with the money you have set aside. My opinion is that if you are close go for it because a year from now you will have wished you had.

Then decide who is going to install it? If you can dig holes and use a level you can put up a fence. Maybe you need a professional to install it. Check you friends and neighbors but plan on spending the estimate price x 2.

We will continue this in our next blog.
Jon Mullender
Summit Fence Supply, LLC

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