Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Telephone Entry Systems Really Work

In homes all over the world people want to know who is at their gate. That is why manufactures started making Telephone Entry systems.

Whether you live in a single dwelling home or a condo association or even an huge apartment complex there is a Telephone Entry systems to work in conjunction with your gate operator.

Today we are going to talk about single resident gate telephone entry systems. It is the RE-2 from Linear.

Let’s take a look at the features that are available with the RE-2.

This little unit has a ton of wonderful features to make your life easires.

  • Call Waiting: If you are on the phone and someone calls from your gate. You will hear a beep and can decide to flip over and see who is on and the gate with the press of a key on your phone. Once you let the person in you can flip back and finish your conversation.
  • Call Forwarding: You have to run to the store but you know someone is coming. That is not a problem because you can enable the call forwarding command to dial your cell phone and allow access to the residence from any phone anywhere.
  • Alternate Numbers is another great feature of this telephone entry system. Let’s say you have a business that you run on your property however it is not connected to the house phone. You can program your telephone entry system to accept up to three numbers.
  • Access Methods: You can program up to 100 entry codes for the RE-2. So that family, friends or employees can have their own code. Also with the build in radio receiver you can have up to 100 in car transmitters work with this simple unit.
  • Another option for this unit is that you can add a camera to the unit so not only can hear who is at the gate but you can see who is at the gate.

This is a great little product that has made the lives of many people easier with the simplicity of use with the RE-2 Radio Receiver from Linear Corp.

Price for this unit ranges from $675.00 to $1,000.00 on the Internet.

If you have any other questions about this wonderful telephone entry unit call me at 888-856-0551 or email me at jon@summitfencesupply.com

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