Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Decade Begins

As the snow covers the ground on this last day of 2009 and my little space heater is warming me up... I am thinking about what I heard from Claudia this morning. "We are starting a new decade and it will be a great one!"

I love words of hope, excitement and motivation. Hope that our economy will turn around for all small business. That they will find success and be able to hire some of the many unemployed people who so desperately need a job.

Excitement because new things are being created each day and some of them are related to the industry we find ourselves in. We just add Apollo Gates to our website and are looking forward to many years of a great relationship together.

Finally, a new decade to be motivated in. It is true that we become what we think about all the time. We really do! If we want 2010 to be the best, we have to think of how we can help and improve the lives of others. When we help others we in turn help ourselves.

So as the hours tick away until tomorrow's New Decade begins, we at Summit Fence Supply want to thank all our wonderful customers and suppliers who have given us so much joy as we sought to assist others with their fencing needs.

Happy New Year...

Jon Mullender
"your fence man on wheels"

President -CEO

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