Saturday, September 5, 2009

Zig was right!

When I think of Zig Zigglar one quote always comes to my mind, “You can get anything out of life if you help other people get what they want out of life.” Brian Tracy teaches that to sell more you have to listen. Listening to people lets them know you care. If you don’t listen you miss the clues they give you as to what is holding up the sale.

I had a week that just couldn’t get off the ground. I had the dreaded after 50 year old test on Wednesday and had to get ready for that test on Tuesday. The rest of the day on Wednesday I was asleep and most of Thursday I didn’t care to sit at my desk and work. However, by the late night on Thursday I said. Mullender enough!!! I made my way to the desk and started answering mail. For a person in sales your first sale is the hardest and this week if it were not for online sales I would not have had that.

I processed that order and headed off to bed. I wrote in my face book the next day,
“Sure hope Friday is a good working day... “Oooops! I choose what kind of day I will have. I forgot.

As the day went on I did my prospect calls, had fun making follow-up call to some new people I had met the previous week and was saying to myself, "Jon, you can’t live off of $150.00 in sales for the week. I was getting a little down and then the phone rang. Hi Jon, I want the privacy fence and I am ready to order however I want you to take care of the details of getting it to Canada. Now for someone who is experienced in shipping through customs no big deal just like driving a car or riding a bike but for me it meant… Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! How am I going to pull this off? Of course I said sure give me a half hour and I will call you back with the details.

I called Misty at Adelphia trucking and said, "Will you do this..." We don’t do that here but here is a list of numbers that will help. Thanks. Hanging up the phone the first part was done. I had some numbers to call to find out how I was going to do it. I called the first number and heard the words no one ever wants to hear. “If you know your parties extension you may dial blah blah now followed by the # sign.” I did not know so I hit the famous 0. I am sorry but you dialed the wrong extension. Good bye.

Good bye. I haven’t said hello to anyone yet.

Undaunted I dialed the next number. Hello you have reached the offices of… If you know your parties extension you may dial it now. If not press 2 followed by the 0 which leads to the X factor followed by the G to get to the person you may want to talk to. So I pressed on. 2 followed by 0 then X and G. I did it!

I was met by another message. This is the office of so and so and if you want to talk to me please leave me you Name… Time you called… short message… your phone number, the middle initial of your mother’s great grandfather and your social security number. I will call you back sometime before hell freezes over. So I did and hung up the phone.

I could see my half hour slipping away. I had one more number to get the sale of the week. Arthritis was taking over my knuckles and my elbow was cramping up as I dialed the last number.

Hello this is Bill can I help you? My fingers were positioned over the number on my phone ready to follow the direction I was sure I was going to get. After a brief second it dawn on me that I was talking to a human being. There was a real live person talking to me with a friendly voice.

Within minutes I knew about:
  • Customs brokers
  • NAFTA certifications,
  • GST’s
  • Canadian taxes
  • Exchange rates.

I called my customer back and said Brian, I would be happy to take care of it all. All I need to know is will this be MasterCard or Visa.

I was glad to help my new customer and friend get the resolution he expected and the privacy stone-like fence material he wanted before the Canadian bad weather set in. This is sales, listening to your customer and finding workable solution to help them get what they want.

Thanks Zig, any advice on getting through answer devices?

Jon "Your Fence Man on Wheels"

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