Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some Gentle Thought...

School is starting and another year of educating the minds of American children is upon us. We got a package from my mother today with all kind of school supplies for my grandson. His mother is sewing patches of his school on new shirts. Soon moms will sigh a brief relief that they made it through vacation, summer camp, and swimming lessons.

Alright enough… Why is this motorcycle parked in this handicapped unload zone. HELLO Mister… some wheelchair vans need that area for their ramps to come down and allow their passengers room to get out. I guess it is a new form of education. This poor fellow decided that while he was doing a week of remodeling at his home he would park his car in this spot day and night, night and day. I understand that it may not be known to all people that the stripped areas beside handicapped spots look odd. This individual said, “No one uses this spot so I may as well leave my motorcycle here for a week or so. How nice of this place to provide this spot just for me!”

Okay Jon...Enough of that! Take a deeeeeep breath … inhale... exhale...
Yes, this is the time of year for the trees to start to hear the call of fall (I still can’t figure out why he parked there!) and the evenings too have a touch of chill in the air. (Some people! How am I going to get my morning, or afternoon Starbucks coffee…? Or for that matter my evening decaf coffee?) Friday night football games will begin in a week and band member are practicing their tunes. (Hope he gets a ticket. Maybe it will get towed) I love this time of year.

School is never over in life is it!

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  1. Hilarious! ...and rude of that motorcycle dude.