Saturday, April 17, 2010

First Pitch Then Play Ball

How many people get to throw out the first pitch of the year at a professional baseball statium. My son did this last week. He is my star and has always been.

Tim, is my 26 year old only son who said, Dad I entered a contest to be the first to use the new Fan Cave at Progressive Park in Cleveland. Well have fun I said and I hope you do well. He had to compete against people in a WII game and see if he could make it to the finals. He call me after the first night and said he didn't think he did that well but it turned out a few days later he was invited for the finals.

I told him I would go with him for the finals but his text message said, "He would be too nervous." I certainly understood that and said, "Have Fun!" A few hours later he called and said he had won the contest and take Monday off to go the ball game.

We had a great time! He throw a ball over the plate or real close from the pitchers mound and got to see Rockin Robert up close.

I love my son and am proud of him always. He truly is my son, my son... My only son... I love you my boy.

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